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Desert Dreams
Llyani Herd
(Run by Unyko)

Welcome to the Tribe of Desert Dreams.

About Desert Type C'bana'Siaco

A tribe is a grouping of C'banae; the desert C'banae often form these. They are more likely to have one stallion to several mares(since so many of the stallions die as warriors), and vary in size from two C'banae to hundreds.

The second highest percentage of wandering C'banae come from here, as battles are constant between tribes, and superstition is at a high. They wear many forms of jewelery and cloth to protect their hides from the harsh desert sun. Warriors, of which there are many, wear metal helmets or masks and often use leather to tie extra weapons onto their legs and tails. Most suited for the dry, hot weather of Pegorn's deserts. They traditionally worship the Old Pegornese gods, The Dragon and Unicorn Gods, who are, like ancient greek and Norse gods, liable to and often personify human flaws and feelings such as jealousy, pride, and fear. The Tribe of Desert Dreams and most of the other desert C'banae who travel are outcasts and most do not follow the traditional gods, but instead follow the One God of the North, who is much kinder in their eyes than the warring Gods of their homeland.

The Tribe currently has nine members:


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