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Morning Mists
Rising Sun
Desert Dreams
Llyani Herd
(Run by Unyko)

Welcome to the Troupe of the Rising Sun.

About Eastern Type C'bana'Siaco

A troupe is a grouping of C'banae, but the word is more specific to the Eastern parts of Pegorn.

Eastern C'banae are well known for their dealings with the Magic of Pegorn. These specific Eastern C'banae are endowed with a sight-- each with his own specific gift. Their eyes glow, and their minds are very intellegent. Like the Greecians with their Library of Alexandria, their greatest purpose is to gain knowlegde and to bring this knowledge to the whole of the universe. Those C'banae of the Troupe of the Rising Sun wish to spread it to all the galaxies--- by granting a select few the joys of harboring their children.

The Troupe currently has three Pairs:


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