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D'Mune is a mare born in the desert, but of definite Savannah lineage. The Savannah C'bana almost all carry the trait for zebra-like stripes. She and Amerendura are thus both Savannah C'bana, though raised in the desert.

Rii'yomp, on the other hand, is a Rainforest C'bana with strangely frog-like back legs. He's very happy-go-lucky, and apparently has an obsession with jewels that brought him to the desert long ago. (And yes, it is slightly awkward to keep those amphibious legs moist.)

Name: D'Mune
Meaning: unknown
Mate: Rii'yomp
Type: Savannah
Name: Rii'yomp
Meaning: Hopping Laughter
ID: none(Pre-ID)
Mate: D'mune
Type: Rainforest

The Tribe currently has nine members:


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