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Well.. so you want to own a C'bana or two? Guess what! There are RULES you must TRY to remember as you fill out an application! Please READ them!! There are also tips on this page! I may give you a quiz on this later, so read, read, read!

P.S.---IF you break any of these rules, you will NOT recieve a C'bana, unless you have a VERY good reason! So READ!

--Adopters are usually decided by random draw. You get more tickets "in the hat" for some of the things below, so if you really want one, it might be smart to look.

There are C'bana currently available.

The Festival of awesomeness is occuring at the Orchard.


  1. You absolutely MUST have somewhere planned to put your C'bana. This can be a "hoard" page on the Orchard, Secundi, or the Garden Terrace, but I prefer an actual website. If there is a story going along with it, you may just get more tickets in a raffle.
  2. The page your C'bana is on must be rated PG-13. Basically, keep blood, gore, and swearing to a minimum... and don't embarrass yourself with any.. *cough* adult themes.
  3. You MUST have your new arrival(if you get one) up in two weeks. If not, I will remind you. If not, your C'bana will be in danger of beimg re-adopted. You won't get ANY tickets if you have a C'bana and it's not up at least on a stats page, unless it is otherwise stated in that particular draw's rules.
  4. Somewhere on the page, you MUST have a link to my home page (www.pegaruny.com) or to the C'bana Page (http://peggins.pegaruny.com/cbanasiaco/).
  5. FILL OUT THE FORM PROPERLY. Put a :0P face in the comments section so I know that you read the rules.
  6. Read the about section if you have questions about culture/types of C'banae. If you are still curious, Ask Pega!.
  7. This isn't really a rule, but please roleplay your C'bana? There are more than a hundred out there, most of their adopters go to The Orchard,, or you can goanywhere else C'bana adopters are found.

You ask...

"What are C'bana'Siaco?"
"Can I meet the others?"
"What do I need to do to Adopt?"
"Who else has adopted C'bana'Siaco?"


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