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Morning Mists
Rising Sun
Desert Dreams
Llyani Herd
(Run by Unyko)

Though Sohi'Sanako is named after the Tribe, he is not it's lead. He works very closely with Sohiinarink to keep things under control, however. He wandered for many years... and actually can't remember exactly from whence he came. his markings are desert-like, but his large fetlocks hint at a northern heritage. He has been through a lot, and often has flashbacks of battles he may have been in.

Ni'Richtoei belongs to Pega's good friend, Luminaire. She and Sohi'Sanako met before he re-named himself, but they've been good friends ever since.

Name: Sohi'Sanako
Meaning: Desert Dreams
Mate: Ni'Richtoei
Type: desert
Name: Ni'Richtoei(belongs to Luminaire)
Meaning: Left-eye
ID: 161
Mate: Sohi'Sanako
Type: Northern

The Tribe currently has nine members:


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