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Morning Mists
Rising Sun
Desert Dreams
Llyani Herd
(Run by Unyko)

JellyBean and Skittles were raised in the same desert tribe, but are unrelated. Needless to say, this tribe had a lot of human and rainforest influence. (Hence the candy names and the Rainforest-y hair and colors.)

Utadiphiress is a distant cousin of Nightblaze of the Herd of Morning Mists, but has been raised by the same desert tribe as Sohiinarink and Coupiyadira. She doesn't even know how she got here, except that her mother somehow became lost in the desert. It was much of her cousin's influence that produced the Desert Treaty, and thus the Tribe of Desert Dreams.

Name: JellyBean
Meaning: None
Mate: none
Type: desert
Name: Utadiphiress
Meaning: unknown
ID: 151
Mate: none
Type: Northern

The Tribe currently has nine members:


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