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Justiis and Marsaii | Douscante and Secours | Kiryi'waii and Patricianii

Douscante points you towards the next C'bana, but you must descend the hill towards the beach. You hadn't seen the beach yet, but in the distance, you can see a large body of water glimmering red in the sunrise. the vegetation grows thicker and the cobblestones more slippery as you walk, and soon you can hear gentle waves on the shore. You reach the edge of the greenery and there, on the pebbled beach is a well-decorated C'bana mare. Thick fabrics wrap around her neck and body in a manner similar to desert C'banae you may have seen in the past, and long strands with beads and feathers blow out with the breezes. You come up behind her and clear your throat so that she knows you are there. She turns towards you, and there a stallion sits in the water. His markings are bright, and his eyes glow a vibrant shade of pink. Suddenly every ache and pain in your body feels as if it had never existed.

"Welcome stranger," the mare says, smiling."I am Patricianii." You notice then that unlike the rest of the herd, her eyes do not glow. "I am Patricianii. I used to be the healer for the Tribe of Desert Dreams, in case you were wondering. I am not... gifted like the others."

Kiryi'waii laughs, and a fin flops out of the water. Is he a mer-bana? You've heard of them, but never actually seen one!

"You are gifted, 'Trish," He says. "Maybe not in the same way which the Magic has granted me, but... still. I could never mix herbs like you!"

She sits in the water next to him so she can head-butt him playfully.

"And what's that supposed to mean?! You could still heal it faster than me, Kir!"

Kir laughs again and shrugs. "You are the one who agreed to join. Do not complain."

Patricianii huffs and shakes her head. "I was only observing, dear."

"So you were," says the stallion, curving his neck over hers and placing a paw, with it's fin-like attatchment onto hers. She smiles and makes a purring sound. Then he turns back to you.

"I am Kiryii'waii. And, yes... I only have two legs and a fin. Do not gawk too long, for I'm sure you have much to see." He laughs, and the three of you chat for awhile before Pega joins you and gives you a few options.

Name: Patricianii
Meaning: Patron
Mate: Kiryi'waii
Gift: though she is a desert C'bana,
She has long studied the uses of herbs
and other things in healing others.
Name: Kiryi'waii
Meaning: Living Waters
ID: 225
Mate: Patricianii
Gift: He is capable of healing any
physical wounds. Even life-threatening
Kiryi'waii is accompanied (as are most Mer'bana) by a ferfta and seapony.
Their names are: Aquus the seapony(male) and Citrique the Ferfta(female)
Children: 232

The Troupe currently has three Pairs:


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