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Justiis and Marsaii | Douscante and Secours | Kiryi'waii and Patricianii

You step into the darkness of the nearest portal, and you're suprised to feel feathers under your hand as you again become aware of your dark surroundings.

"It is just before dawn," comes Pega's familiar voice. "We are near Constantii, the home of the eastern C'banae.
They are very different from the other C'bana you've met. Wether from a God or from the earth of Pegorn itself, they've been endowed with very strange
powers... I tought I should warn you.

As you walk, a pair of red eyes appear in the mist, and chills run up and down your spine. Something is digging through your thoughts. Flashes of everything
you've ever done to wrong others speed through your mind, and you begin to fear whatever is before you. And then, just as brightly, a pair of yellow eyes appears.
They seem to glare at the red ones, then your mind is infiltrated again, only this time, your mind is overwhelmed by all the goodness you've ever done. Secret gifts
you've given, kind words spoken; little things mostly. You have a bit of a headache from all this, so your hand presses a little tighter into the feathers of Pega's wings
as you lean her way. The bell of her laughter is accompanied by the first glow of the sun... and the appearance of the C'bana to whom the eyes belong.

You are immediately struck by fear at the sight of the first. His ears are pinned back in obvious anger, and his head is topped by a curved, menacing-looking horn. His claws are extended and strapped to his left paw and leg are glimmering, sharp weapons. Just when Pega drapes her wing across your shoulder as if to comfort you, he whips out his long tail, tipped with a surely deadly weapon. Instantly, the mare with the yellow eyes swoops in front of him, looking at him with a strange, peircing look. In the look is love, and anger, and warning all in one. You wonder for a moment whether this mare could possibly stand a chance against her companion.

Suddenly, the stallion drags his claws(both metal and organic) through the dirt before her. You feel yourself shiver."Marsaii!! I will not allow you to get in my way this time,"he says, his voice a deep, resonating growl. "This... human is not capable of raising our children properly. Their misdeeds are far too many."

Suddenly you feel depressed and hopeless. You've done many horrible things in your life. How can you ever deserve such mercy? Marsaii, which you find has an interestingly familiar ring, laughs. Her laughter is instantly breaks the tension in your fear-wrenched soul. Sure, you've done a lot of bad things... but there is always hope. And you are capable of a lot of good things, too.

"They have a good heart, Justiis, my love. I believe this human is capable of much good, and therefore quite worthy. I will not see you harm this poor soul. Besides," she says, smiling widely, which makes your innards warm and happy. "They are Pega's guest.Pega would not allow one of our little ones to chance into the wrong hands."

Justiis glares at Marsaii for a moment, but she nuzzles up to him and wraps one of her enormous, tri-colored wings over his shoulder. He swallows and his eyes soften, his claws instantly re-sheathing themselves. Pega pulls her wing back to her side and trots over. After a moment of discussion, Justiis walks resolutely towards you. you are filled with fear for a moment as he looks you over quickly.

"I suppose they are right. But I warn you... if anything becomes of the children of this troupe because of your.... lack of responsibility, or neglect, or...."He sighs and shakes out his mane. "Just watch your back."

How glad you are of Pega's warning.

Name: Justiis
Meaning: Justice
Mate: Marsaii
Gift: He can see all misdeeds done
by a person, creature, or in a
Name: Marsaii
Meaning: Mercy
ID: 223
Mate: Justiis
Gift: She can see all a person's deeds.
She sees the good in all people, and thus
the need for mercy.
Children: 227(Hope), 228(Regret)

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