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Justiis and Marsaii | Douscante and Secours | Kiryi'waii and Patricianii

Pega points you towards the next pair of C'banae as the sun blazes fully over the lush, exotic scenery.It reminds you of what the Orient must look like on Earth, with it's mossy green mountains and foreign foilage. As the next couple comes into view, you are overwhelmed again with feelings.

The mare makes you feel very... humble. But not in the sense that Justiis had. No. Her meekness is like a wiseman's. Full of wisdom of your abilities, but still in wonder of the world and all around you. Her thick, wooly coat is unlike any C'bana's you've ever seen. you tell her so and she smiles and thanks you.

Her mate, Secours, is a great big stallion who, though his eyes are the kindest you've ever seen in a C'bana's face, are also full of pain and knowledge. He seems like he's been through a lot, though he doesn't say anything about it. A shredded red cloth barely conceals deep gashes in his side, fully healed but full of memories. You instantly wish to help him, and say so, but he tells you how so many are more in need than he.


Name: Douscante
Meaning: Meekness
Mate: Secours
Gift: Her gift is to help others
see the beauties in life.
Little things that make it
Name: Secours
Meaning: Charity
ID: 222
Mate: Douscante
Gift: He is able to help all people
he can comfort the weary, and give to
the poor. Bur mostly, he inspires others
to do so themselves.
Children: 231(Chivalry)

The Troupe currently has three Pairs:


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