"Hello, and welcome to my new Charity, Virin'li'Opan, meaning Ribbon of hope. I am Evira'Opan, lead mare. This is a mixed charity, meaning that some members require Permission, while others do not. It will be noted on the member's banner if they /do/ require permission, so please notice. We would also request that you contact Pega if you do get a foal from our charity, so that we can add them to our lovely baby display. Now, you can just follow those signs to the rest of my Charity."

For your paint to join Virin'li'Opan, please e~mail (pega87@yahoo.com), pm or IM (AIM: Pega87, MSN: amypegalu@hotmail.com) Pega with this info:

Your Name:
Paint's Name:
Paint's ID:
Paint's URL:
Paint's parents:
Permission: (Do you want people to ask you for a breeding from your paint? Yes? or no?)

The Silver Unicorn

*=Please do not request a breeding from Liath and Lasha, as the latter is the former's Uncle.
**= You cannot request a breeding from Pate and Ethe, as they are brother and sister. Sorry! No inbred paints for Virin'li'Opan!

last edited: May 17, 2006