You are dropped into some strange forest completely surrounded and covered by low-lying clouds. The lush green moss that cusions your fall so nicely, quickly begins to retreat from beneath you, crushed and broken. As you watch, awe-stricken, it begins to repair itself almost instantly. Surprised, you stand, and as soon as you do, the moss creeps back into the spot you had once occupied. Afraid it might crawl up your legs, you glace hurriedly around in search for an escape from the moving mass.

Some way to your right is a cobblestone path, which you dash to in a moment of frightful panic. With each step you take, the moss recedes, then springs back into place with the lifting of each foot. When you reach the tiny forest path, you pause for a moment to regain your breath and also to admire the self-repairing moss. You stand and dust yourself off, looking about to find that the curious little path seems to start right where you stand and goes only ahead, deeper into the forest. It's as if someone got bored with their road-building, and decided to stop in the middle of a moving mass of moss!

With a huff, you head off in the only direction you can: straight ahead. The path leads through a very beautiful section of the forest, full of flowers and strange vines, but you take little time to admire them, wishing only to find Pega and give her a peice of your mind. You soon come to a sign with a name carved into it: Zzyzx Rd.. What kind of a name is that?!? It looks like someone just randomly placed the last few letters of the alphabet into a scrambled mass and called it a road. Weirdoes.

Stamping on ahead, you refuse to admire the even more beautiful scenery, keeping your eyes only upon your feet. And, of course, you run into something. Something large, soft, and black

"Get out of my way!" You shout, glaring upwards at the slim black feline before you.

Whatever it is, the creature smirks, "Hasn't anyone ever told you to watch where you're going?"

Silent, you watch as it raises an amused eyebrow at you, shrugs, and pads slowly away. Suddenly, an idea occurs to you, and you scamper after the large cat, "Wait! Wait!"

The black mass of feline stops, turns around, and sits, looking well amused as its tail flicks back and forth behind it, "Yes?"

"You look intelligent--where does this road lead?"

She blinks(for you have decided it is a she), smirks, and sniggers.

"What's so funny?" you demand.

"You are," she says, shaking her head with mirth, and smirks again, "It leads to my den, and then past that, to all of Pega's creatures... quite a lot of them, she's collected...."

Still wondering at this creature's humor, you follow her, not at all ready to be devoured by the strange moss. Somehow, you're not afraid of being eaten by the feline, or if you are, you're still more afraid of the moss.