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I am working on re-doing the adopted cyberpet section of my website(appearing as "Critters" in my sidebar). Also--- don't know what a Cyberpet is? My friend Silvanon has an excellent explanation here.

There are now three C'bana'Siaco herds. C'bana are a cyberpet run, drawn, and created by me starting about 10 years ago. I'm also running a festival(in which you can recieve one of your own) at a messageboard called The Orchard.

I've also been called to go on a mission for my church. This means, starting December 17th, that I'll be without internet access for 18 months. That's 1 1/2 years for those of you who are less math inclined even than I. I'll be in Concepcion, Chile... or somewhere nearby. You can contact me to get my mailing address, but I won't give it to you unless I know you. Eheh.

The "Teaching Amy" link should also work now. Eventually, there should be two links from there. My Frog Learning Center and my Teachers page, which is a thank you page for every teacher who's ever influenced my own teaching career. Currently it only includes a page for my first grade teacher, Mrs. Blanco.

"Critters" now works, though that section of the site is in a general state of dissarray. There is no complete existing list of every cyberpet I've ever adopted, but most of the recent ones can be reached by following the story, whilst older ones can be reached through the labyrinth of pages that begins with the link, "Landing." Good luck.

The blogs link also works. :)

Just so you know, the only link that works to the left at this point is the "about me." I'm working on the others. :)


Welcome to Pega's Lair! I've learned some new tricks of HTML and hopefully this version will be a bit more easy to navigate than the last. My webpage is expanding to include Teaching Amy, your online resource for all lesson plans Amy! For now, while I'm still in school, it won't be very extensive, but I'm going to try to include any interesting lesson plans there for future reference.

This new edition of my website, known under many names and again as Pega's Lair is welcomed in with the layout I've been planning for years. The old layout was centered around Chibi Pega. This one features something I am always striving to do-- that is, to search for the truth. I heard someone saying "We must always search for truth" in church one day. And I drew the first of many sketches like the one above. Pega gazes off into the distance as if waiting for truth to smack her in the face... or perhaps she is simply admiring the stars in the parted clouds.

This edition marks for the first time the unification of my online me (Pega) and the real me. I am Amy Loveless. I am Pega. I'm both. So here you can see my geekiness in all of its glory. Unfortunately for those of you who call me Pega, I am not online as much as before, but my real life is benefitting from this and I'm halfway done with college. Exciting, isn't it? I thought so. So here's the deal...

How my webpage works:
There are several sections of my website, highlighted in the links section to the left.

The first section is dedicated to the real me, as in the "About me" which includes contact information and links to outside sites dealing with me as Amy.

If you click the link "Blogs," you will be led to my visual and literary arts blog(s).

Then there's "Teaching Amy" which includes lesson plans, thank yous to influential people in my teaching career, and other fun things.

"Characters" leads to an explanation of my main characters including Pega, Chibi Pega, etc.

"Critters" cyberpets others have drawn for me.

"Cbana'Siaco" leads to C'bana'Siaco, the cyberpets I have drawn and run for about ten years.

And finally, "links" leads to outside links that might interest or amuse you.

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Important: All images on this portion of pegaruny.com are copyright to me unless otherwise stated. Please contact me or their appropriate creators before taking them for your own use. Thank you. ~Amy/Pega

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